Astral Projection

“Have you ever heard of astral projection?” “It’s when the mind steps outside the body.”

Many people describe astral projection as an out-of-body experience.  It usually happens to a lot of people when they are near death and they feel their souls leave the bodies.  Sometimes they can see themselves lying on the ground as their souls float above them.  Other people have these experiences when they dream and the body is in a state of extreme relaxation.  And there are others, a chosen few, who can leave their bodies at will and float around as ghosts.

In SOUL KILLER, the Soul Killer (and later, Natalie) are capable of leaving their bodies or astral projecting.  They are projecting outward their ethereal forms through their mind’s eye.  The Soul Killer’s mind is so strong he is able to do this, and Natalie’s mind is augmented by the power of her magic ring.  She wouldn’t have the strength to do it otherwise.


Astral projection is the central conceit of the movie.  The Soul Killer is able to kill people through his astral body.  As his body is not his physical form – in fact, it is much larger and more imposing, he is able to kill with no fingerprints or traces of DNA left behind on his victims.  In fact, the corpses are nearly flawless, and the police do not suspect any murder has taken place.  It also leaves the Soul Killer’s true identity a mystery.

I’ve never had an out-of-body experience before.  Have you?

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