Stefan Kollmuss

Stefan Kollmuss is a Swiss / American citizen. Raised in Zurich, he speaks fluent English, French, German, Swiss and some Italian. Having been awarded a full time scholarship, he studied at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

He has been a professional actor and voice over artist for film, stage and all means of media since 1996. He has starred and co-starred over 40 short films, various features and TV movies throughout Europe and the USA. Film credits include SPITAL IN ANGST, EXKLUSIV, and AIME TON PERE with Gérard Depardieu. He also starred in the Swiss premiere of Dario Fo's solo play, "Francis, God's Jester", in which he played St. Francis of Assisi and all other 30 characters. He recently moved back to Europe from a two-year stay in Los Angeles where he appeared in numerous short films and features. He currently lives in Zurich and Berlin. For more information visit: