Kathleen Newell

Kathleen Newell moved to Los Angeles to study theatre at the University of Southern California. Having studied performance arts in London, Paris and California, Kathleen is currently progressing her career through independent films. Her love of drama drew her to varied roles from Shakespeare to Williams to Churchill. She is proud to have been

a member of several theatre groups putting together shows that are both experimental and traditional.

Kathleen has been an actor in many independent film productions allowing for more responsibility and creative freedom. This has been the emphasis on which she has concentrated recently and she is proud to be involved in so many projects with other enthusiastic artists.

To keep it interesting, she is also an exotic animal trainer for television and film - this has allowed her to work on a large number of interesting projects both as an actor and a handler/trainer. She especially enjoys training the raccoons, foxes and birds of prey.

Working on SOUL KILLER as an actress and make-up artist has been a great experience and she would like to thank all those who really made an effort to bring this project together.