Chris Holt

Born in Los Angeles, California, Chris grew up against the backdrop of Hollywood within a family working in divergent fields in the industry, such as wardrobe, photography,
animation, and production. His first formal training was in
a Telecommunications course at El Camino Real High School in

Woodland Hills, California. At 17, Chris co-produced a weekly closed-circuit news broadcast to the student body, the only school program of it's kind in Los Angeles. He continued his studies and training at Columbia College of Hollywood in the fields of cinematography, editing, and design.

In 1991, Chris took advantage of an administrative job opportunity at 20th Century Fox studios, and while on the lot, he teamed with several colleagues in the production of short films. In handling many on-set duties, Chris quickly gravitated to sound recording which earned praise from Ramy Katrib, founder and CEO of DigitalFilm Tree, now a leader in post production and consulting for the industry. Chris also helped shape the narrative structure of scripts and scenes.

In 1993, Chris collaborated on WHITE HOUSE PARTY, a political comedy script which sold to Paramount Pictures but was never produced. Chris spent the next ten years focusing on writing, with another comedy script eventually making the rounds at studios.

To maintain a profile in other aspects of production, Chris had found work as a performing day player in Eddie Murphy's HARLEM NIGHTS, and eventually produced a short spoof of the superhero film, X-MEN.

Beginning in 2006, Chris, with his 6'4" frame, was given the opportunity to perform extensively for the first time in many scenes as the menacing title character of writer-director Bob Canode's SOUL KILLER.  In addition to his on-screen duties, Chris served as a Creative Consultant on the movie.

While keeping an open door to future film projects, Chris is currently resurrecting his dormant background in design by embarking on the development of websites and other digital media.