Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson is a show biz "lifer". She was aware of her mimicry skills early on when imitating family members for laughs and has put it to good use to become a well-known voice-over artist in Hollywood.

Some of her voice credits include "Cruella DeVil" in 101 DALMATIANS and "Darling" in LADY & THE TRAMP II for Disney, "Dr. Ashley Kafka" in SPIDERMAN, "Empress Rita Repulsa" for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, "Red Fraggle" / Henson's FRAGGLE ROCK cartoon & innumerable Japanese anime cartoons & CD-ROMs.

She loves the challenge of acting and using her ability with dialects and/or singing, her writing skills and theatrical training to create fully fleshed out characters whether they be over the top "ha ha" funny or subtle and dark.